Western Australia

The Company has approximately 1,750 square kilometers (100% Cygnus owned) of granted tenements located over underexplored greenstone belts prospective for lithium, REEs, nickel, copper, PGEs & gold. Significant projects include;

  • Bencubbin REE Project – thick consistent clay profile developed over an REE enriched granite margin

  • Bencubbin Lithium Project – comprising over 70kms of the Bencubbin greenstone belt.  Targets include lithium, nickel, copper and gold

  • Snake Rock Project – The project is highly prospective for nickel, copper, gold and PGEs
  • Julimar East Project – Prospective for nickel sulphide mineralisation analogous to Chalice Mining’s Julimar nickel, copper and PGE project
  • Panhandle – The project covers a 13km section of the Panhandle greenstone belt; prospective for LCT pegmatites
  • Bonnie Rock – Outcropping silver-lead-zinc skarn mineralisation with associated gold

Opportunity to Create Value in the Critical Rare Earth Element Supply Chain

Bencubbin REE Project

The Bencubbin REE project is located in the Western Australian Wheatbelt near the town of Bencubbin. Historically this area has been known for highly fractionated pegmatites and parent granites with several pegmatite mines.

The Project offers the exploration potential to discover high-value REEs used in the manufacture of high-strength permanent magnets namely neodymium (Nd), praseodymium (Pr), dysprosium (Dy) and, terbium (Tb).
Cygnus is exploring for a clay hosted REE deposit, having discovered a thick, consistent clay profile interpreted to be developed over an enriched granite margin.
Widespread REE enriched clay intercepts include:

  • 79m @ 1,576ppm TREO from 32m including 8m @ 7,243ppm TREO;
  • 40m @ 1,628ppm TREO from 8m; and
  • 19m @ 1,959ppm TREO from 4m including 4m @ 4,743ppm TREO

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